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Meg McLaughlin Meditation Workshop
Written by Kay Goldstein
March 2009

I am a meditation teacher and a long-time summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard.  It has been a dream of mine to bring some of my long-time teachers to the Island for a workshop. One of those teachers, Meg McLaughlin, recently taught a meditation workshop in Chapel Hill, NC much like the ones she teaches around the country. Those in attendance who have related their experience of the workshop to me made comments such as "profound on many levels", "insightful", "just what I needed", "Strong energy!”  “A grace!"

Others met with Meg in private sessions and were touched by her compassionate and remarkably intuitive sensing and healing energy.  As Meg channelled the essence of Kwan Yin, we witnessed delightful humor, deep compassion and focused insight. We learned about ourselves, where we are now on our journeys, our challenges and some ways to heal.
During the weekend of April 3,4, 5, Meg will offer the same opportunity in Martha's Vineyard.
In a three-part intensive workshop, participants will work on deepening their meditation and exploring the practical usage of energies in healing, connecting, sensing, and awakening our intuition.  Meg will also interact with attendees in a trance-channel state, channeling the energy of Kwan Yin.

Meg has studied in the tradition of Sum Faht, a meditation practice that combines Taoist and Buddhist traditions. As a practice that integrates mind, body, and spirit, Sum Faht combines traditional seated meditation in stillness with standing, walking and guided movement meditations.  Sum Faht meditation activates the divine energies of the spiritual heart.  In working with these energies we discover and nurture our unique humanity as it integrates the energies of Heaven and Earth.  We experience a flowering of the spirit -- opening the heart, becoming more intuitive, and more able to heal our selves and others.

Here are details of the workshop, which we plan to hold in the beautiful Yoga Barn in West Tisbury.  I hope you will join us by registering by March 13.

SCHEDULE:      Friday, April 3              7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday, April 4       10 am - 12 noon, 1:30 pm- 4:30 pm

Sunday, April 5           10:00 am – 1:00 pm

WORKSHOP FEE: $250, (some partial scholarships may be available)

TO REGISTER or FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Kay Goldstein at 919-942-5523 or 508-645-2135 (leave message) .  To reserve your place in the workshop, please send a check for $100 made out to Meg McLaughlin and mail it to Kay Goldstein, 124 Fern Lane, Chapel Hill, NC. 27514.  Meg is also available for private sessions at a cost of $90.00 which can also be scheduled through Kay.

Thank you. K Goldstein  

Meg McLaughlin is an initiated student of Leong Tan, a spiritual teacher and channel from the Chinese community in Malaysia.  Mr. Tan has devoted his life to helping people through his teaching and by healing with spiritual energies.

In her position as Mr. Tan’s student, and as an initiated student of the Teacher, Wong Loh Sin See, Meg has the unique opportunity to travel with, and study with them on an on-going basis.  She is able to share her experience with us through meditation classes, weekend workshops and private sessions throughout the United States.

Meg combines her own intuition, humor and compassion to offer teachings that deeply touch the spirit and hearts of her students. As a channel for the essence of the Bodhisatva Kwan Yin, “Who Hears All Things”, she brings us the opportunity for a profoundly moving experience.


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