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Martha Abbot
Modalities: Yoga
Sara Ahren
Modalities: Massage , Energy Bodywork
Doreen Anderson
Abundant Splendor Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition Therapy and Certified Health and Wellness Coaching
Modalities: Nutrition , Integrated Health Care , Health Care Consultation
Holly Bellebuono
Vineyare Herbs Teas and Apothecary
herbal medicine, consultation, coaching and speaking
Modalities: Herbal Medicines , Herbal Medicine Consultation, Coaching, Speaking , Holistic Health
Alison David Bird
For lasting life-change, you need to access the subconscious!
Modalities: Hypnotherapy , Reiki , Psychic Readings
Catherine Brennan RN, MS
Modalities: Nursing
Heidi Carter
Voice Craft
Modalities: vocal fitness coach
Kimberly Cartwright
OM of Motion
Modalities: Personal Training , mindful motion
Wendy Chabot MD
Wendy Chabot MD
Mind-Body Medicine with a special interest in children, adolescents and young adults with anxiety, ADHD, chronic/recurrent pain syndromes such as migraine and abdominal pain.
Modalities: Mind-Body Medicine , Wellness Coach , Meditation Instruction
Bennett Coffey
Not Your Sugar Mamas
Modalities: Holistic Nutrition , Yoga
Amanda H. Cohen M.A., L.M.T.
In Harmony
Amanda H. Cohen M.A. L.M.T. offers sessions in Conscious Bodywork, Maya Abdominal Massage, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga and Body-Mind Counseling.
Modalities: Massage , Yoga , Psychotherapy
Allyson Cook
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Massage
Cynthia da Silva, CH
Hypnotic Healing
Private hypnosis sessions: in-office, via Skype or phone. Group classes & workshops. Self-Hypnosis CDs & MP3s
Modalities: Hypnotherapy , Guided Imagery , Meditation Instruction
Laura Darby
The Davis Center
Sound based Therapy
Modalities: Sound-Based Therapy
MJ Bindu Delekta
Sacred Circle of Yoga Studio
Offering yoga classes, workshops, healing arts sessions and healthy lifestyle consultations, iRest® Yoga Nidra
Modalities: Yoga , Reiki , Qi Gong
Laura L. Denman
Abundant Life Nutrition
Modalities: Holistic Health Coach , Nutrition
Francie Desmone
Allegheny Acupuncture
Improve yourself from the inside out.
Modalities: Acupuncture
Andy Estrela
Vineyard Yoga and Craniosacral
Craniosacral therapy from an osteopathic perspective
Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy , Osteopathic Medicine , Yoga
Paul Farrington
Seachange Neurofeedback
The Essence of Neurofeedback
Modalities: Neurofeedback
Kathy Fitzgibbon
Dedicated to person-centered, mind-body-spirit, integrated healthcare
Modalities: Healing Touch , Health Care Consultation , Guided Imagery
Kay Goldstein, MA
M.A.Clinical Psychology, Reiki Certification,20 years as a student of meditation and spiritual practice
Modalities: Meditation Instruction
Enid Haller
Psychotherapy Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Chronic Lyme Disease Specialist
Modalities: Holistic Psychology , Hypnotherapy , Lyme Disease Specialist
Sarka Havlatkova
Revive by Sarka
Modalities: Master Esthetician , Holistic Health Coach
Jeannie Hay-Sternbach
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Massage
Rebecca Hodgson
Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy
Neila Hoffman
An Island Touch
Center for Massage and Spa Therapies
Modalities: Massage
Jan Hulka, M.S. P.T.
Light Touch Advanced CranioSacral Therapy
Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy
Rex Jarrell
Ancient Way Hands on Health
Modalities: Bodywork , Ayurveda , Massage
Scarlet Jarrell
Yoga Barn
If you are interested in cultivating compassion come practice with me.
Modalities: Yoga
Kyleen Keenan
Not Your Sugar Mamas
Roberta Kirn
Holistic Health Counseling
I work with clients to set and accomplish goals, explore new foods and eating habits, increase energy, awareness and overall health and well being
Modalities: Holistic Health Counseling , Holistic Nutrition , Holistic Health
Jennifer Knight
Vineyard Health Counseling
Modalities: Holistic Health Counseling
Stefan Knight, Proprietor
Vineyard Pilates Center
Pilates Method & Certification, Rolfing Structural Integration and Movement, Massage Therapy
Modalities: Pilates , Rolfing , Massage
Fae Konjie-Gibbs
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Acupuncture
Kristine Kopp
Vineyard Complementary Medicine
Modalities: Chiropractic , Holistic Nutrition
Karen Krowski, EdD
Steel Butterfly
Offering energy-based modalities for people and animals, TONG REN for general and emotional revitalization; TEASEL FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY for Lyme Disease; AUSTRALIAN BUSH ESSENCES for emotional wellness; BIOMAT THERAPY for recharging energy field
Modalities: Ton Reng Energy Therapy , Integrated Psychological and Educational Services
Kenny Lockwood
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Acupuncture
Susan Macy
Malinda Mayer
Integrated Health Care
Please go to for more information.
Modalities: Craniosacral Therapy , Visceral Manipulation
Michele McNiff RN
Healing Touch International; Current practice at Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. Hatha based Vinyasa yoga flow; Pranassage and Pranayama. Private or group class available.
Modalities: Healing Touch , Yoga
David Merritt
Psychic/Medium David Merritt
Modalities: Psychic Readings
Lily K. Morris
Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release Massage
Modalities: Massage
Marcie Mueller
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Acupuncture
Sheila Muldaur
Modalities: classical homeopathy
Lisa Nagy, MD
Vineyard Personalized Medicine
Medical Practice - in depth care
Modalities: Environmental Medicine , Holistic Health , Mental Health Counseling
Sarah Nevin
Sarah Nevin
Psychic reader, clairvoyant, medium, channel
Modalities: Psychic Readings
Jane Norton
Yoga Barn
Anusara-Inspired yoga classes and Yoga Therapy sessions
Modalities: Yoga
Lori Perry
Teri Pirozzi
Teri Pirozzi-Creating Healthy Lifestyles
Energy + Serenity = Resilience
Modalities: Nutritional and Wellness Products , Personal Training , Wellness Coach
Arlene Stark Prisco
Guiding Light Yoga, LLC
Iyengar and YOGAspirit inspired asana with a nurturing philisophical focus
Modalities: Yoga
Oceana Rames, N.D.
Church & Main Natural Therapies
Dr. Oceana Rames is a licensed naturopathic physician utilizing therapies such as homeopathy, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and lifestyle counseling.
Modalities: Naturopathic Medicine , Health Care Consultation , Bodywork
Jennifer Rankow
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Massage
Patti Roads
Patti Roads Health Coach
Your personal support system and guide to a healthier you - body, mind & spirit.
Modalities: Health Coach , Yoga
Susan Sanford PT, LAc
Vineyard Complementary Medicine & Wellness Center
Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Yoga
Modalities: Physical Therapy , Acupuncture , Massage
Betsy Shands
dba Betsy'S Hands
Shift your perspective, Expand, Heal, Soar
Modalities: Reflexology , Massage
Dardanella Slavin
Integrated Health Care
Complete family care for health and wellness.
Modalities: Chiropractic , Holistic Nutrition
April Thanhauser
April Thanhauser Reflexology
Modalities: Reflexology
Diane Tipton Morgan
Time Skin Care and Wellness studio
Modalities: Aesthetician , Healing Touch , Reiki
Valerie Turner Polishook
Jin Shin Jyutsu of Martha's Vineyard LLC
Jin Shin Jyutsu=Art of Longevity, Compassion and Benevolence
Modalities: Jin Shin Jyutsu
Patricia Vaidulas
Integrated Health Care
Modalities: Acupuncture
Susan Waldrop
IM Stargate Enterprises
Healing Energy Work/ Neo-Shamanistic Practices
Modalities: Energy Bodywork , Mind-Body Medicine , Group Fitness Instructor
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whole health alliance
whole health alliance whole health alliance whole health alliance whole health alliance whole health alliance whole health alliance
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